Once you have made the decision to incorporate a vehicle wrap into your company’s advertising budget, the best way to insure your investment will be a solid one is to hire a company that specializes in vehicle wraps. A lot of sign companies will claim to produce vehicle wraps, but only an experienced few can print and install a professional wrap that you will be proud of for years to come. At Now That’s A Wrap we pride ourselves on producing and installing the best wraps in the area. Our 3M certification insures you that you will be working with professionals that have the proven track record to handle your job. With Now that’s a Wrap, not only can we stay within your budget, but we can also give you the quality and service that you can expect from the best in the business. Leave the job to us and find out why our customers say…Now That’s A Wrap!

Do you also design artwork for vehicle wraps?

Yes! We have a full service art department that can help create the artwork for your vehicle wrap as well as any of your other promotional needs. We can provide your business with store front graphics and signage, wall murals, banners, business cards, tri-folds brochures, flyers, and specialty products. Whatever you need we can provide!

How long does the vehicle wrap process take?

Normal turnaround time is about two weeks. We use the first week to create and get your artwork approved, and the second week is used to manufacture the vinyl and schedule the installation.

How long will you need to keep the vehicle?

You can expect to be without your vehicle for most of the day.

Does my vehicle need to be washed before the install?

Yes! Unless of course we have made other arrangements, we would like the vehicle washed the day before the installation date. (no wax or tire dressing)

Does the wrap come with a warranty?

Yes! We only print on 3M material and the print is warranted for up to 5 years against any fading. We guarantee our installations to be the highest quality and if you ever have an installation failure, we will fix it at no cost to you!

How do we wash and take care of the vehicle wrap?

Obviously common sense needs to be used when washing and cleaning your wrapped vehicle. Do not put a pressure washer directly on any edges or seams. Do not use a buffer and wax on the wrap.

Will the wrap damage the vehicle?

The short answer is NO. The only time the vehicle is damaged by the wrap is if an inferior vinyl is used or an inexperienced installer does the installation. Since we only use 3M material and we are a 3M certified installation company as well as master certified through the PDAA, the answer is NO the wrap will not damage the vehicle. (exceptions are for poorly repainted vehicles)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as checks and cash.


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